Flexible neon light tubes: durable el wire tube with controller

This era of modern technology introduced Flexible neon tube light in the lighting and display trade. These types of light are also known as Electroluminescent (EL wire).


Flexible neon light tubes are very similar to the Smartphone wires. Normally, it covered by various colored plastic tube on its surface. There are some exclusive features. That makes it unique in its category. Besides, the installation process is very simple and it consumes less power.

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The Unique Features of Flexible neon light tubes:

From the name, anyone may realize that is not comparable to a common tube light. Though, there is some similarity between them. Let’s explore the features which make it unique and consumer friendly.

  • Bendable to any shape, cuttable to a custom length.
  • Outstanding Brightness with 150-degree wide beam angle.
  • IP67 Dust & Temporary Immersion safe.
  • Easy to install- just plug and play.
  • UV free and the illumination are like a dot-free neon light.
  • Authentic body made with silicones.
  • Standard color temperatures are 3000K, 4000K, 5300k and 6500K.
  • And, available in numerous colors for inlet and embed architectural illuminations.


The advantages of using a flexible neon light tubes are:


Power Saving: Save almost 15% of electricity.

Style: IP67 certified Flexible Thin light allows creating any shape and design in both outdoor and indoor.

Comfortable Brightness: With help of 150 wide beam angle and led technology, it provides comfortable illumination for both human and animal.

Longevity and Durability: It is bendable and has a normal life cycle of 3000-5000 hours.

Environmental Benefits: It usage lesser amount current (15% of power) and do not radiates heat. So, it has no harmful effect on human body. And also, do not harm eye sight.


The disadvantage of using El wire tube is:

  • Cutting may needs with professional’s guidance, as it needs a suitable driver to work.
  • However, the color/ brightness will eventually fade after illuminating 4000 hour.
  • Consistent power and sunlight reduce longevity.
  • And it may break in cold or moisture weather outside.

How this flexible el wire tube works: [h3 or h4]

Electroluminescent wire—is possibly the smartest elucidation for toting up lights to a project. Plus, it’s slim, bendy that emits a vivid, smooth light all along its total extent.


The core of this light constructed with copper. Furthermore, this core is covered by two layers. Firstly enclosed with the phosphor layer and secondly with a thin wire layer. At last, for safety and design purpose a 2 layer of PVC sheathes are used.


As soon as an AC current (needs an inverter) is applied. Then, the layer of phosphor, which separates the core and the wire, causes it to glow brightly.


Common Applications

  • Outdoor/Indoor ornamental Lighting
  • Inlet lighting,
  • Wall lighting,
  • Embedded architectural illumination,
  • Bent light,
  • Enhancing linear lighting,
  • Compact, Space-Sensitive Applications,
  • Channel Letters,
  • And in the Retail Applications.

Safety Issue:

Like other electronic products, safety is a bigger issue here. It is strongly remanded to use safety kits.

  • Forbid to connect with direct power supply.
  • Forbid to cut the light when it connected to power.
  • While forming a shape, do not to pull or bend aggressively.
  • If the cable or operator is exhibit heat, disconnect the power instantly.
  • Finally, always keep a safe distance from tinder.


Undoubtedly the flexible neon light tubes will enhance the appliance of a house. However, the illuminated light protects the eye, reduces environmental pollution and save power. So, when you will implement this at home?

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The Function of Controller:

The controller is a very cool addition. This allows users to manage the output. It uses a microcontroller to work individually or user commend. I.E. Control the brightness and color of the light based on battery state or ambient weather or manual choice.

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